Since 1994,Experts.com has offered Experts and Consultants worldwide a secure and economical way to promote their Expert Witness Services and Consulting expertise to legal professionals, the media and other prospective business clients worldwide.  Our Experts include Authors, Consultants, Engineers, Medical Specialists, Nurses, Chemists, Accident Reconstruction Experts, Insurance Consultants, Toxicologists, and many more professionals and specialists in over 1,325 categories of expertise.

Experts.com – Efficient, Effective and Economical!

The highly competitive Expert Witness and Expert Consulting market requires Experts and Consultants to make their expertise and professional experience accessible to a wide marketplace. Law firms, journalists, insurance companies, businesses, media producers, and researchers use Experts.com to find and retain the most knowledgeable Expert Witnesses and Consultants for litigation, business consultations, new business development, research projects, breaking news and other projects.

The main objective of Experts.com is to promote and match our high level Experts and Consultants  with potential clients. We do not broker the engagement or take a referral fee.

Experts.com is committed to the highest professional standards among Experts and Consultants.  We offer our Members and their potential Clients an Efficient, Effective and Economical way to do business.

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